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Talexia Charm Watches stand out as what we believe to be the best Italian Charm Watch available today.  These Italian made Charm watches are water resistant and carry a 1 year guarantee against defects in workmanship.
We have carried these Charm Watches for more than 3 years now and have never received one complaint or customer return.

There are 5 distinctive Charm Watch styles available:
                                                                            Face Size       
Small Round Oval Face                       11/16" across by 3/4" high
Round Face                                                7/8" across face
Rectangular Face                                  1 1/4" tall by 5/8" across
Square Face                                           1" across by 5/8" high     
Large Round "Bubble" Face                  1 1/8" long by 7/8" high
Overall length varies between 6 3/8" and 6 3/4" depending on style.

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Oval & Round Face Charm Watches
Both the watch styles have second hands and easy to read numbers.  The Oval watch is available in White, Champaign & Rose.  The Round Face is available in White, Black & Champaign.  

Regularly        $ 75
    ON Sale


Oval White Face

Black Round Face

Round Bubble FaceCharm Watch

Orange Bubble Face

Round Bubble Face Watch comes in Silver. Cream, Black, Dark Gray, Red, Blue. Orange & Yellow

Regularly          $75
On Sale


Silver Bubble Face

Blue Bubble Face

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Square & Rectangular Face Charm Watch
Rose Square Face

White Rectangular

Square Face Watch comes in White, Champaign & Rose
Regularly $ 75.00
On Sale
$ 40.00